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Serving Stanford Since 1995

(c) 2016 Student Organized Service, Inc.

Student Organized Services, Inc.




Student Organized Services Mission Statement

Our mission is to be an integral part of Stanford University's program for fostering learning within and without the classroom. We share the essential conviction of Residential Education - that living and learning should be integrated, not separate; that formal teaching, informal learning, and personal support in student residences is essential to a Stanford education.

Stanford's Office of Residential Education and Student Organized Services, Inc. provide a hands-on management leadership opportunity to serve the Stanford Community. Students learn management skills within a framework that allows them to experiment with new programmatic and business ideas, adapt to changing customer needs, and to quickly implement changes as necessary.

We also serve some darn good food!*



* beyond all the support, classes, donations, and events we help put on for the community (weekly Pro cooking seminars, Top Chef each spring, weekly ESL classes, composting donations, house cooking seminars and workshops, and special dinners, to name a few).

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