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Serving Stanford Since 1995

(c) 2016 Student Organized Service, Inc.

Student Organized Services

About Us


CEO/Executive Chef - Nick Peters (B.A. Econ Stanford 1994, Master Brewing Certification 1994-95 American Brewer's Guild, MBA University of Phoenix 2005) has worked in (and in support of) student management in varying capacities since 1991. As a Stanford undergrad* Nick worked as a kitchen manager for two years and a financial manager for one year (he graduated a year early) - as well as working as a student office admin for central Residential Education - all to help pay his way through school. Beyond SOS's role in maintaining the fun and fine traditions arising from student management, Nick is particualrly proud of SOS's veteran staff and role they have played in countless student lives. Moreover, he is very proud of the contribution SOS has made to bringing compost to the Row since volnteering as project manager for Row Compost in 2006 and works to ensure the company engages with the community in bringing about better sustainable food practices and awareness whenever possible. "Never trust a skinny brewer."




Head Chef - Casey Miller has been cooking professionally for nearly 21 years, the past 9 here at Stanford. She loves all aspects of food and cooking, which is now evolving to the study of dietetics. In 2012-13 she was Operations Manager for the company, and in 2013 she has returned to a chef role at Storey House to work with veteran superassistant Irma Melgoza!


Executive Sous Chef - Scott Tomelloso -Chef Scott has been cooking professionally for 15 years, including 6 years at Stanford Sierra Camp where he was also an executive sous chef. He also cut his teeth as a professional chef at Vail Kirkwood, Caesar's Tahoe, Scottland, and in the Grand Tetons. Scott is now the chef at Sigma Alpha Epsilon as well as overseeing Cluster 1 and the Upper Row staff. "Never trust a skinny chef."




Update on former Head Chef Helge Ternsten - having worked on campus since 1975, Head Chef Helge Ternsten retired as of Spring 2013. Helge, we love you and hope you'll make guest appearances down the line!



*Nick began his passion for cooking at age 12 making chow mein with a pan-seared ginger whole trout under his mother's watchful eye. His mother had studied Chinese cuisine in San Francisco in the early 1970s under the now legendary chef Hugh Carpenter and passed on her love of cooking and all cuisines to Nick. He started his career in restaurants/hospitality under chef/owner Walter of L' Hirondelle of San Juan Capistrano at age 16 as a busboy in 1988 having decided he'd better save his tip money for his dream of attending Stanford University...

In Fall of 1991 in his freshman year, Nick was assigned to Toyon Hall which at the time was linked to the now legendary Stanford Eating Clubs, Inc. (SEC) which were serving the best food on campus. Combined with the frisson of a four-class dorm (freshmen and seniors eating together, as well as graduate student eating associates) Nick fell in love with the Eating Clubs/student management and became a kitchen manager that year, starting him down the path he remains on today.

By 1993 he had done his first restaurant review for the Stanford Intermission page (for Siam Royal on University Ave - it is still there at their entrance). After graduating, Nick studied through the UC Davis/American Brewer's Guild in 1994 to become a master brewer and then interned at Pacific Tap and Grill in San Rafael, while polishing his kitchen management skills managing the (now closed) 5 kitchens of the SEC. In 1995 he founded SOS to provide essential back-end services to the Row program when the ASSU dropped the Row program over liability concerns, having been contacted by the University to see if SEC might be able to help out the program.

Nick's Philosphy and SOS - The Row program has changed tremendously over the years as has the nature of SOS's role, an adapative business model that has served the core traditions well, even as student tastes and preferences have changed. Happily, SOS and Residential Education now partner for a more pro-active student management experience, while preserving the traditions behind private chef interaction that are such a key facet of upper class undergraduate student life at Stanford University. Of late, these efforts have inlcluded classes and workshops that have grown from employee-only seminars to SOS's Sushi Workshop, Cooking for the Recent Grad, and Ravioli Classes, and many other events aimed at raising consciouness about food, energy, and the connections and roles all of us play in the use and development of resources for sustenance.

Nick has always recognized that the core tenets of a truly educational experience at a residential college revolve around leaving students with enough autonomy to make non-egregious mistakes and to learn from them. He has spent his entire adult career developing support systems for that tradition to continue and hopes to continue to do so. He believes future leaders getting hands-on experiences with resource and basic management/policy skills in this microcosm of the Row can have lasting positive reverberations for the world at large. As many grads will tell you, college is not necessarily about what you learn in the classroom. In Nick's opinion, Stanford is precisely unique and our graduates are repected leaders partially because of this entreprenurial spirit that is engendered through student management.

Nick's other passions include his family, producing and playing music, adult league volleyball, and volunteering as a music teacher at his eldest son's school.


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