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We frequently host workshops on different skills and techniques. If you have a request for a workshop, contact Nick Peters to schedule. Some examples of workshops and resources are listed below.

20190125_182406 2.jpg

Nick Peters discusses the process for making sushi rice, rolling sushi, and properly eating sushi. Find the workshop HERE

Sushi Workshop


Fried and steamed gourmet vegetarian and meat potstickers taught my Nick Peters. Contact him for more details or to host your own potsticker party.



First time cooking for yourself? Trying to host a dinner party but don't know how to chop an onion. Nick Peters and Exec Chef Casey Miller go through all the basics for preparing a successful meal. Find the resources HERE

Recent Grad


An Italian classic. Chef Nick Peters teaches the ins and outs of creating butternut squash ravioli and mushroom ravioli. 


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