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Mushroom and Cheese Ravioli Stuffing



2 # Crimini (brown) mushrooms

Olive oil

2 Sprigs Thyme

2 Sprigs Rosemary

2 crushed garlic cloves

8 oz Marscapone Cheese

6-8 oz Parmesan Cheese


Salt and Pepper to taste

White wine for deglazing (Marsala is awesome, Sherry or a dry white is fine too)

Brown butter sage sauce:

8-8 TBL Butter

1 bunch Sage leaves (leaves separated from stems)

Wash and slice mushrooms (don’t worry about drying them). Get a pan heating on the stove over medium heat with some olive oil. Add mushrooms, garlic, thyme, and rosemary. Drizzle olive oil over the pile, be moderate, oils wash out flavors. Let mushrooms cook without stirring much. Mushrooms will release water which will begin to boil. Mushrooms are best cooked by sounds: they will start with a sizzle, then to boil, then when it returns to a sizzle you deglaze with white wine and scrape the fond (brown/caramelized bits on pan) into mixture. Mushrooms are 95% water, when the water cooks away you’re left with the flavor and when the mushrooms brown nicely (caramelization or the Maillard reaction) you’ll get a much more intense , earthy flavor. For example, deglazing with Marsala adds to the nuttiness. Takes around 20 minutes. When wine is cooked away, turn off, discard sprigs, and put mushroom and garlic into blender/cuisenart with scoops of marscapone cheese and parmesan. You want the final blend to be on the salty side because the flavor will be thinned out by being stuffed into ravioli.

Spoon onto pasta sheet and cut/crimp raviolis. Use cornmeal to keep raviolis separate on tray prior to cooking. Raviolis are done when they float cooked in stock or salted water.

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