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Calabaza en Piloncillo (Sweet Pumpkin)

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

This dessert is the perfect end to a traditional Mexican dinner! Sweet and hearty, it is destined to please.

1 small fairy tale pumpkin (calabaza castilla)

5 lbs of pure sugar cane (piloncillo)

Or about 5 lbs of brown sugar

4 large cinnamon sticks preferably mexican cinnamon

Cut pumpkin in large chunks leaving skin on. Place in large pot and add water to submerge pumpkin. Cook pumpkin for about 30 mins allowing pumpkin to cook but still remain firm. In separate pot add piloncillo (pure cane sugar) with about ¼ cup of water and cinnamon sticks, shortly the piloncillo will slowly melt. Once melted drain water from pumkin and add melted piloncillo to pot allow the pumpkin to finish cooking with the piloncillo. It should be syrupy. It can be eaten warm or cold as a dessert with milk or served with ice cream.

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