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Spanish Tortilla

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Note, according to Chef Juan Jose, there are really only two classic egg dishes, from which all other modern ones spring (fritatta, omelet, etc). The dish presented, here, the Spanish tortilla is in the more traditional form. That which North and South America has come to know as a tortilla was merely the Spañiards naming what they saw natives doing with ground up corn and lard after a similar pan shaped traditional Spanish dish, the tortilla after which all resemblance pretty much ends as the traditional Spanish tortilla is eggs, potatoes and onion, a dish that saw the nation through its civil war and goes back many centuries.



1 onion sliced thin (julienne) per 10 inch pan

2 potatoes sliced into thin “coins” per 10 inch pan

1/8 cup white wine per 10 inch pan

8 eggs per 10 inch pan

Salt and pepper to taste


NOTE: 4 pans will yield enough food for about 55 people

Beat eggs to almost a foamy consistency, mix in potatoes and onion.

Smoke EVOO in a 10 inch pan

Pour in whipped eggs, potatoe, and onion

When the liquid starts to come out you then start forming the tortilla


After 3-4 minutes filp it onto a plate

Re-oil the pan and smoke

Replace tortill raw side down

350 degrees for 10 minutes in a convection oven

Again, cool before serving.

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