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Injera Bread

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Injera bread serves as the base to sop up all those yummy curries and sauces for an authentic Ethiopian meal!

Powdered Yogurt Culture or Yeast

Teff (millet like flour – can be found at most specialty grocery vendors (Sysco/Bi-Rite)

Note: You can also substitute with spelt flour which does lose some of the sourness but is an appropriate substitute. Spelt is not gluten free, teff is gluten free.



Yield: For a yield for 50 people you’d use

6 cups teff and/or spelt flour

1 Packet yeast or yoghurt culture (yoghurt culture will tend to help with the sourness and sponginess)

6 cups warm water

2 TBSP Honey

1 packet of yogurt culture can be used for up to 5 cups of batter, but using more will only speed it along and doesn’t hurt it.

Add 1 packet of yogurt to 2 parts teff 1 part water and 1 tbsp honey.

Mix, cover and let sit in a warm place overnight.

You add more flour or water the next day accordingly to make a thin batter (in this ce about 3 cusp flour and enough water to make a thin crepe like batter). Stir it, let is rest for a couple hours. Salt it a touch before grilling.

Oil a flattop grill and cook like a crepe in large rounds. Spread even with spatula, flip it with a spatula once it bubbles like a pancake, cook other side 30 seconds to one minute, pull and cut into sections (or serve whole on the platter with food on top if going traditional Etheopian style). You can make large ones on a flat top.

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