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Pain au Lait

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Pain au Lait (basically a lean brioche)

Yield: 58 20 g dinner rolls or 39 30 g dinner rolls


543 g bread flour (B)

11 g salt (B)

7 g instant yeast (B)

150 g egg (A) tempered to room temp

217 g milk (A) tempered to room temp

67 g sugar (retards gluten development) (C)

165 g butter (retards gluten development) (D) tempered to room temp, cut into pieces for easy incorporation into dough


A) combine milk and eggs

B) combine salt, osmo tolerant yeast, flour

Mix A&B on setting 1 90% of the way until it stretches to make a “windowpane”

We hold off on adding sugar because of gluten development. Once “windowpane” achieved add sugar (C).

Again mix back to 90% (windowpane) Meanwhile measure out butter, place on parchment paper and pound it to make it pliable yet not melted. Hot butter will kill yeast.

Add butter and mix to 100% (always start at 1)

You temper the eggs and milk depending on the season.

Yeast is happy at 72-77 degrees.

Rest dough for 1 hour

Spread on silpat and chill until butter chills down

Shaped in 20-30g balls, bake on silpat, proofed with plastic on top, shape with hand method (see video). Sprinkle with salt, spices.

20 g bake 6 minutes at 350 in convection

30 g bake 8-9 minutes in convection

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